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A lot of infrastructure to promote Vietnam fasteners market demand, China companies or new markets

Release Time: 2016-4-7 15:07:11

Center of southeast Asia's strategic position and development velocity of meng make Vietnam foreign eyes attractive investment destination. Vietnam become rendezvous of foreign manufacturers, the southeast Asian country is full of business opportunities. Vietnam's first two months of 2016, according to implement trade surplus of $865 million, the new foreign investment of $2.8 billion, up 135% from a year earlier.
Tony, chief executive of the European monetary investment institutions in Asia Shale said: Vietnam is becoming one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.
Construction machinery and its spare parts field. , according to the information provided by Vietnam planning and investment in Vietnam in the total cost of the construction of infrastructure in the next decade will reach $160 billion, including more than 5000 kilometers of highway, from 300 to 400 kilometers of railway and about 12 airports. With the vigorous development of the Vietnamese market, construction machinery, equipment, materials, bulldozers, rollers, hydraulic press, road machine, such as strong demand, while only 6% for metal processing and industrial product is their own production, the remaining 94% are dependent on imports, the market potential is tremendous!
Automobile, motorcycle and its accessories. Motorcycle is the Vietnamese people daily walking the main means of transportation, in the past five years, annual sales of more than 250 ~ 3 million units of the motorcycle, Vietnam has also become the world's fifth largest motorcycle manufacturing strategic market, the government encourages domestic enterprises to assembly production motorcycle, as the country gradually improve the infrastructure construction, urban demand for cars and trucks are also on the rise. Vietnam's economy development situation is good, but because of the country's industrial foundation weak backward equipment manufacturing, it is worth a fastener enterprises focus on the market.

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