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Tight companies we look forward to "market economy status" China at an early date

Release Time: 2016-4-8 10:06:57

The so-called market economy status, is an economic term, it says a country's market economy status. According to the importance of a national market economy in the national economy, for economic intervention as well as the national government, generally can be divided into full market economy and non-market economy countries. In addition, the market economy status is used when the anti-dumping investigation to determine the dumping margin is an important concept.
Therefore, since the accession to the wto, the Chinese government has been pushing for international trade countries recognize China's full market economy status, plays an great significance for the import and export industry in China. Get the full market economy status, however, road is blocked. Local time on March 16 in the United States announced plans to form "Manufacturers Trade law Enforcement" (Manufacturers for the Trade Enforcement), designed to put pressure on the Obama administration, against the United States to grant market economy status to China in 2016. The alliance on behalf of the 800000 U.S. manufacturing jobs directly, and claims that if this year China market economy status, the United States will lose tens of thousands of job opportunities for anti-dumping measures to weaken.
Recently, the Chinese commerce ministry spokesman said China's market economy status, in terms of national market economy status, the world trade organization (wto) and there is no uniform definition and criterion of only 162 members of the 17 members to be involved in the national legislation of market economy; At the same time, the treaty obligations must abide by the basic principle of international law. "We reiterate that the European Union and the world trade organization members must keep his promise, take the necessary measures, timely termination of anti-dumping" country "." The spokesman said.
Obviously, China is not an easy road of the market economy status. But China is not can't get market economy status. How does the game results, we will continue to focus on. Also hope that China will in the "war of no gunpowder smoke" in victory, for many industries including fastener industry bring good news!

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