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Global fastener market demand will reach $2022 in 95 billion

Release Time: 2016-4-8 10:14:17

According to research firm BriskInsights report predicts that from 2015 to 2022, the global industrial fasteners market will increase at a 5.23% compound annual growth rate, to aggregate demand to achieve $2022 in 95 billion.
According to the report, from 2015 to 2022, the global industrial fasteners market is expected to appear high-speed growth, thanks to the standard of living greatly promoted, so as to boost demand for durable goods. In addition, the market demand mainly from developing countries.
In addition, will also promote the growth of the global service and construction industry fastener needs rise. Emerging countries such as India, China, Brazil also plays role in the rapid development of automobile industry.
Due to mechanical OEM application, construction, automotive and other industries the increase in demand for fasteners, threaded fasteners, demand will be high growth. Similarly, as local government is investing heavily in aviation aerospace industry, infrastructure and national defense construction, aviation aerospace fasteners will grow.

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