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Hebei province fastener industrial technology research institute was established in handan YongNian celebration

Release Time: 2016-4-8 10:11:47

On March 16, fastener industry institute of technology in handan, hebei province yongnian opening was established. It is understood that the hospital relying on YongNian fasteners institute and hebei university of engineering, from hebei university of technology, handan vocational and technical college, hebei han light heavy industry co., LTD., to build, such as targeting fasteners leading high-end new products, new technology research and promotion.
YongNian is one of the country's largest fastener production and processing and distribution base. According to introduction, the county has 200 villages, 300000 people engaged in fastener production and sales, has registered more than 4200 production enterprises, the annual output 2.85 million tons, the output value of 18.5 billion yuan, production volume accounts for some 45% of the country, praised as "China fastener capital". County fasteners, all across the country, sales network all over except Taiwan at or above the county level cities and towns, as many as more than 18000 sales outlets, and exported to the United States, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries and regions, annual sales of more than 300, ten thousand tons, sales of more than 200 one hundred million yuan, was named the top market, means of production in hebei province ten big market in hebei province, hebei province import and export base.
In recent years, the county has a strong promotion upside fastener industry strategy, has been clear about the "fastener industry adhere to dock with the special steel industry upstream, midstream to research and development production of cars, high-speed trains, ships, aviation and other fields of high value-added products, pays special attention to the downstream sales, logistics and brand building, to lead the industry in a more" overall train of thought, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" at the end of the county fasteners production will break through 3.6 million tons, in the high-end products accounted for more than 60%, the nation's largest fastener industry base.

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